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Difference Makers Among Us

Meet Shakil Haider...

Shakil is standing on the right.

Shakil Haider serves on the Olathe Human Relations Commission (HRC) and he takes his job seriously! I met Shakil about six months ago, and he shared with me photos of the awards that the HRC had organized for the students of Olathe Public Schools for the annual MLK competition. I was blown away by the amount of effort that the HRC had put into the awards. Check these out...

WOW! Seriously, what student wouldn't want one of these awards to commemorate winning the annual MLK competition that the Olathe Human Relations Commission puts on with our school district?! Amazing!

Well, Shakil was at it again this week when the Journey of Hope riders came through Olathe and our Persons with Disabilities Board put together two days of great activities for the riders. Shakil organized a morning at one of our premier Olathe based companies, Garmin, for the Journey of Hope riders. What a morning it looked to be. Check out these photos:

Journey of Hope riders with The Ability Experience (Shakil is on the left, back row)

Over the years some of the riders have become Garmin employees!

Looks like the Garmin simulator was a hit!

The logistics of getting bike riders around town

The Garmin Experience for the Journey of Hope riders was organized by Shakil. Logistically getting a lot of bike riders around town on a rainy day was a challenge enough...but to go the extra mile to provide such a great glimpse of our wonderful City of Olathe is absolutely amazing!

From serving our community on the Olathe Human Relations Commission, to working to make a difference at our hometown pride and joy, Garmin...Shakil is always going the extra mile. Thanks, Shakil, for making Olathe look so good, and for being a difference maker! Well done!

Oh, by the way, remember the blog that mentioned the SIX vacancies on the Olathe Human Relations Commission? Last night at the City Council meeting, there were three individuals appointed to the Olathe Human Relations Commissions.

At last night's Council meeting we swore in three new Olathe Human Relations Commission members! So grateful!

***I will post about another amazing difference maker, Mark Gash, and PDAB in a totally separate post very soon. I just need to gather my photos and get organized!!


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