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LeEtta will Take Olathe from GOOD to GREAT!


Smart growth

City leaders will promote Olathe’s prosperity, including more restaurants, entertainment choices and shopping. City planning will be a partnership between all parties, not an outcome dictated by any single party or special interest.


We will be a welcoming community to all, whether you are a 30+ year resident or brand new to Olathe.

A Place you can be proud to call home

We will be a safe place with exceptional services, well-planned and maintained infrastructure, and opportunities for all ages. We will value our public schools. We will enforce our codes and work hard to make Olathe beautiful.

Strong Economy

Our citizens and businesses shouldn’t be crippled with huge tax burdens. Olathe’s local government will be efficient and bring value for the tax dollar.

Quality of Life

Olathe will be an inclusive community where everyone can live a safe and productive life. That means good jobs; a resilient economy; attainable housing; quality amenities, and access to extraordinary education, childcare and health services. We will be a community that cherishes and protects our aging population as well as our children. Olathe will be a community you will be proud to call home. 

What does the Olathe mayor do?

. The mayor of Olathe is the top elected official and a member of the Olathe City Council.

. In charge of appointments to all committees and city boards.

. The face of Olathe, representing our city in ceremonial responsibilities, community events, and economic development.

. Relationship building and coalition building. 


. Hires the city manager with the city council.

. Sets the meeting agenda with the city manager, and runs the city council meetings.

. Works with the City Council on local issues, like setting city property tax rates, casting a vision for the future, funding infrastructure projects, establishing policy & ordinances.

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