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Olathe is experiencing growth & prosperity, while setting the standard for the nation in many capacities!


To become exceptional, we must listen to our residents & embrace their highest priorities. 

Specifically: maintenance of our infrastructure, public safety & traffic congestion. 


I’ll pursue VALUE for your tax dollar, while deploying the skills I’ve built throughout my years of strong local leadership 

to make sure the future is BRIGHT in Olathe…


I look forward to earning your vote.

pen for business


Policies that allow our residents prosper

Assure that our businesses can thrive without onerous regulations & restrictions.


Broaden Olathe’s economic footprint with diverse businesses


Support educational programs & opportunities that increase Olathe’s skilled workforce

Policies that keep our residents & businesses safe


Set the standard for efficient & exceptional services


Provide opportunities for residents of all ages, ability levels, and backgrounds to engage fully in civic, economic, and social life.

Assure that Olatheans can live productive lives, with access to good jobs, attainable housing, quality amenities, access to excellent education, child care, and health services.

Invest in & maintain infrastructure that is safe, reliable, efficient, and sustainable.


We must constrain the growth of government & governmental spending.  

We must work in collaboration to reduce duplication of effort in our local government.

We must intentionally develop a diverse business & strong

tax base that thrives even during economic downturns.

Demand a culture of integrity & accountability in local








Transparency must be a priority

Community members should be included in local government decision making.



Support on going policies to assure that the City of Olathe utilizes resources to meet or exceed public expectations.

Develop a community where people feel safe & connected to their neighbors​ and have community pride.


ffective Planning

We must strategically plan our land use for the highest and best use, to accommodate mixed-use zoning, public spaces, safe and varied transportation options, diversity of housing types and access to essential businesses, such as grocery stores and healthcare.

We must be prepared and practiced for disasters.

Our infrastructure must be prepared for and recover quickly from disruption


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