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Cultivating Community

Updated: Jun 24, 2023

The intentional efforts to cultivate community here in Olathe sets us apart from other places in America, and across the globe.

Cultivating community has been a foundational priority for Olathe over the is a priority for me as I offer to serve as your mayor.

The list of FREE activities and opportunities for Olatheans is VAST:

Forth Fridays, Olathe Lives!, The Spot, art competitions for our trash trucks and snow plows, non-stop Library, Parks, Mahaffie events, Farmer's Markets, Night at the Movies, Olathe Police Department community events like Glow Golf, Fishing with Cops, Fire Department outreach with our schools and local community...the list is literally endless.

If you don't know where to find the opportunities available to you...start by checking out social media for the following:

Boards & Commissions in Olathe

Additionally, in Olathe we have multiple rich opportunities for volunteers to plug in and help in various capacities. Working on a board or commission is an excellent way to make a difference in Olathe, and in the lives of our residents. The way that the system works in Olathe is that the Mayor of Olathe appoints boards members subject to confirmation by the Olathe City Council.

At our regularly scheduled City Council meeting this week, on Tuesday, June 20, 2023, Mayor Bacon appointed a slate of wonderful volunteers to the Mahaffie Foundation Board, and the council confirmed the appointments. I was thrilled to see the appointments/re-appointments take place and in council comments at the end of the planning session I encouraged Mayor Bacon to get a sense of urgency about filling the extremely high number of vacancies on our Boards & Commissions here in Olathe.

Related to the vacancies, of greatest concern to me are the Human Relations Commission, a 9-11-member commission, which currently has 6 vacancies and 3 individuals serving with expired terms; and the Persons with Disabilities Advisory Board, a 12–14-member board, which has 3 vacancies and 7 members serving with expired terms. Both of these boards do work that is vitally important to Olathe and from all appearances they have not been made a priority since the passing of Mayor Michael Copeland. This must change!

Those that volunteer to serve on a board or commission here in Olathe, giving of their time and effort to better our community deserve the public recognition of an appointment at the City Council meeting, rather than the expectation to continue serving in limbo under an expired term, we can and must do better!

Want to Get Active?

Our Boards & Commissions are a vital piece of the puzzle of public engagement here in Olathe. You can find out more about the Boards & Commissions here:

Boards & Commissions

Submit a request at OlatheConnect or call 913-971-8500 for additional information, or message me and I'll submit your name for a board or commission.


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