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Olathe Chamber Candidate Forum

Thank you to the Olathe Chamber of Commerce for hosting the City of Olathe, KS Mayoral Candidate Forum.

The forum video is now up and here is the link…

*In this forum, my opponent mentioned that I had missed a large number of council meetings. I wasn’t going to dignify this comment by remarking on it, but it needs to be noted that throughout my 12 years of service on the Olathe Public Schools board of education, my attendance record was stellar. I have missed a handful of city council meetings since joining this governing body, all were justifiable and reasonable. Ultimately, my track record speaks for itself…I am a committed public servant who takes her role seriously... and I show up even when there aren’t meetings and microphones…I am not about the limelight. I’m a public servant, not a politician.

It seems rather insensitive to call out a wife for wanting to be by her husband’s bedside in CCU while he’s in a medically induced coma after suffering cardiac arrest…or when she’s immobilized from a major inpatient surgery (from a glute tear that occurred while doing CPR to save my husband’s life)…or because she’s in the hospital fighting for her life with COVID.

I guess if that’s all he could come up with as a concern about me I should be grateful. On the other hand, the concerns I expressed are worth taking note of.


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