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Olathe Human Relation Commission

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

The Olathe Human Relation Commission was established in 1979 through the city's Act Against Discrimination. It was last amended in 2017.

This wonderful Commission is a fantastic partner with Olathe Public Schools, hosting the annual MLK Competition that provides scholarships to the winners. Here is a link to the winning video from a decade ago when my son, Gabe, won in the 6th grade for his video Say Something (or "Word"). He was the youngest Grand Prize winner of the competition to date, at the time, and it was. real boost to his self esteem and set his creative juices flowing. He was awarded a $600 scholarship towards college. This is an amazing Commission!

Here is Gabe's winning video:

Winners of the MLK competition get to be interviewed by local news's quite an experience. Here is an example:

This is a video my daughter Annabelle created in high school, and she won a scholarship as well. The vast amount of participation from the students and staff at OSHS was great:

Olathe Human Relations Commission - Olathe Municipal Code Chapter 2.44

The Mayor of Olathe appoints board members, who serve three-year terms, and are subject to confirmation by the Olathe City Council.

The mission of the Human Relations Commission (OHRC) is to foster inclusion to ensure that all people are connected, safe, and have a sense of belonging as well as cultivate a welcoming diverse community where all people feel valued and relationships are built and fostered.

  • The OHRC consults with the Olathe City Council and the City Manager about matters related to these topics.

  • The OHRC promotes communications between all groups interested in improving community relations.

  • The OHRC partners with the Persons with Disabilities Advisory Board (PDAB) to present Community and Accessible Community Awards.

Current members include:

  • Hector Silva, chairperson (term: 6/18-6/22)

  • Chayan "CD" Dasgupta (term: 1/20-1/24)

  • Shakil Haider (term: 6/17-6/21)

  • Dr. Victoria Haynes (term: 1/20-1/24)

  • Ben Hillman (term: 6/18-6/22)

There are currently six vacancies on the OHRC.

Meetings are held the fourth Monday of every month at 6 p.m. in the City of Governors Conference Room, located in City Hall at 100 East Santa Fe Street. Please notify the community relations manager two business days before a meeting to request special accommodations.

The staff liaison is the Community Relations Manager, 913-971-8827.


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