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Details Matter

Updated: Oct 8, 2021

Looking for specifics on candidate's policy platforms?

Voters in Ward 3 for the Olathe City Council will be disappointed by the lack of specificity in my opponent's platform. Other than a nod to our city's growth, his support of police, and his acknowledgment of the challenge of affordable housing in our community, he has yet to share his strategy for solving the issues we face, or his hopes and dreams for our future.

My opponent has been unresponsive to media requests for interviews, and has refused to provide specifics to the Chamber of Commerce in multiple critical areas of their candidate survey.

The Olathe Chamber of Commerce

The Olathe Chamber of Commerce is a close partner to our City. Why would a political candidate not share specifics with the Chamber of Commerce in their voter survey? These details matter to voters! We deserve answers to these critical questions...

This is a screen shot of my opponent's Olathe Chamber of Commerce Candidate Survey which can be found here:

*<See Update below>The Olathe Chamber of Commerce offered to conduct a video candidate interview with every candidate seeking public office in this election. Why wouldn't my opponent agree to this standard interview? The City Council candidate's interviews can be found here (under the City Council portion):

*<Update> After this blog was shared, the Chamber reached out and apologized for mistakingly not posting Mr. Janner's video interview on their website. Mr. Janner DID conduct a video interview with the Chamber, and it has now been posted at the link attached to the "Candidate Interviews" above.

Unresponsive To Local Media Requests

When local news outlets interview candidates, it's an honor to get to share your vision and policy positions. Why wouldn't my opponent respond to a request for an interview? Good relationships with local media is a critical element to transparent communication with our citizens. Why was my opponent the ONLY candidate that refused to respond?

You can read the informative article here:

Call for Transparency

I call on Mr. Janner to add specificity to his platform and clarify his policy positions. Bring transparency to your candidacy so that voters can make informed decisions when they cast their votes in the General Election. If the Olathe Chamber of Commerce offers to host candidate forums, agree to participate and enter into a productive and informative dialog that will provide voters detailed information about who you are and what your plans are.

Get Specific

The following letter was sent out to voters by my opponent. He mentions that he and I are vastly different in our values, focus and freedom of time, yet he fails to share specifics. I ask Mr. Janner, "How are we different?" Please be specific. Voters deserve to know your platform and policy positions.

Side note: When Mr. Janner mentions "freedom of time" in his letter he is referring to the fact that I am involved with many different organizations and serve in various capacities in our community (I am a difference maker with skin-in-the-game). He has specifically mentioned that he believes I will be too busy to serve well in this role because I have two more years on my Board of Education term. I am currently the longest serving member on the Olathe Public Schools Board of Education. My term expires in 2023 and I will serve the remainder of my term in this capacity. Serving in multiple elected positions is not a conflict of interest. Just off of the top of my head, in recent years Speaker of the House Ron Ryckman served on the Olathe City Council AND as the Speaker of the House; Councilman Larry Campbell has served on the Council AND in the Kansas House of Representatives as well as serving as the State Budget Director; and Mayor John Bacon served on the Council AND on the State Board of Education... did Mr. Janner take offense or have an objection when these men served in multiple elected positions or does he just question my ability to do so? Is it because I am a mom? Is it because I am a female?

Mr. Janner states that he is ready to take on the City Council role as a "full-time" commitment. A City Council member is a leadership role from a 30,000 foot perspective, where you cast a vision and make sure that the right people are in place to accomplish the strategic plan... it is not a full-time job.

When a candidate won't share specifics about his platform or policy positions, and resorts to claims that his opponent is too busy to fulfill her duties, it only magnifies his lack of substance.

I Believe Voters Deserve Transparency

Here are my specific positions.

Here is my Fox 4 interview.

Here is my detailed, complete, and transparent response to the Olathe City of Commerce Survey and the video interview.

There is a clear contrast between the two candidates for Ward 3 in Olathe. If you value experience, servant leadership, and transparency, vote for LeEtta Felter.

I humbly ask for your vote in the General Election.


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