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Continued appointment push

Grateful that Mayor John Bacon took my request to heart and began to make appointments and re-appointments to our boards and councils in earnest. This is an important aspect of the job of mayor, and I am grateful to see these vacancies filled!

From the article today in The Olathe Reporter:

“Bacon’s appointment efforts began with a discussion in June where council member and rival mayoral candidate LeEtta Felter pressed him to address vacancies and reappointments across several committees. She listed nearly 25 vacancies and 19 members needing reappointment across a variety of committees.

In a city of over 150,000, I just think there’s no excuse to have this many vacancies, so I’d love to encourage us to get this filled. It allows participation from the community,” Felter said June 23. “I know there’s a bunch of applicants … but it’s the mayor’s role to do that. John [Bacon], I encourage you to seek from the chamber, from the school district, from our staff recommendations and go for it and make these appointments.

Felter later also said that part of what prompted her to comment is that there were many applications in the pipeline to fill those vacancies, but they had not yet been approved.

At the time, Bacon said the reappointments were a non-issue, as members can still serve in full capacity. Based on data obtained by the Olathe Reporter in June, nine committees needed 20 reappointments. Since then, Bacon has recommended and had approved four new members to the human relations commission and the eight members Tuesday” (Irizarry, Lucas. 2023).

Irizarry, L. August 2, 2023. The Olathe Reporter. City council approves appointments to several committees, mayor continues appointment push.


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