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Gross. Ugly.Nasty.

Olathe IS better than this.

I'm the mayor that will take Olathe from good to GREAT, and you can count on me to tell you the truth and to be transparent. I will never send you a mailer like this one, because I am a public servant, not a politician.

***To clear up the misrepresentations & lies in this mailer*** 1. Experience: Yes, I do not have 28 years on the city council like my opponent...I do have just the right amount of a broad range of experiences, including 12 years on the Olathe School Board, and I am serving in my second year on the city council. I also have served in a multitude of other capacities which you can see here:

2. Ethics: Since when did it become unethical to invest in our city!?! I find it mind boggling that this is even on the mailer. My opponent is being disingenuous (think: flat out lying) with you when he implies that any action related to my personal business has come before the council during the time I have served on it. We have invested in Olathe for many, many years (btw, we have never received any incentives) we will likely have business come before the council sometime in the future, and just like every single board or council on earth, there are policies in place that facilitate such actions (I would recuse myself). Mr. Bacon, after 28 years on the council, knows this.

3. Taxes:'s my track record. AND, since I've been on the council, my influence has been felt and the mill levy was lowered a full mill this year.

4. Absent: Shame on Mr. Bacon for calling out a wife for being by her husband’s bedside in CCU while he’s in a medically induced coma after suffering cardiac arrest…or when she’s immobilized from a major inpatient surgery (from a glute tear that occurred while doing CPR to save my husband’s life)…or because she’s in the hospital fighting for her life with COVID. Throughout my 12 years of service on the Olathe Public Schools board of education, my attendance record was stellar. I have missed a handful of city council meetings since joining this governing body, all were justifiable and reasonable and Mr. Bacon is aware of this. Ultimately, my track record speaks for itself…I am a committed public servant who takes her role seriously... and I show up even when there aren’t meetings and microphones…I am not about the limelight. I’m a public servant, not a politician.

Olathe, do you want a mayor that mails a political hit piece like this? In the history of my time living here in our great city I've never seen a piece like this. We must demand better. Let your vote be your voice and send politicians that behave shamefully packing.

I ask for your vote TOMORROW! Don't wait until November 7th.


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