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Why are you running for mayor when things are pretty good here?

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Great question! I filed for mayor because:

.I filed to run for Mayor of Olathe, believing I offer the stronger leadership style that our great City deserves, and the ability to be successful in a climate of increasing divisiveness and eroding civility.

.I am a servant-leader, who embodies the communication skills, persuasiveness, and charm.

.I am a coalition builder, and I am known for my steady hand of leadership, calm

steadfastness, and diplomacy.

.I have the natural ability to connect with people on a deep level that will be valuable to Olathe and our bright future.

.We will likely need to hire a new city manager in the coming years…I have the skill set to do this. I have hired three superintendents for the Olathe School District, the 2nd largest district in the state of Kansas.

.I embrace transparency.

.I'm a communicator.

.I am a seasoned policy-maker with a fresh perspective (I haven't served 28 + years on the

council) with sterling credentials, and a life-long learner.

Additionally, I have concerns with our current mayor’s judgement and apathy. You know 28 years on a city council is a long time…perhaps this is what has caused the apathy…who knows…but being a mayor is a big job. Neglecting appointments to the various boards & commissions (see previous blog post)…that is apathy…not participating in the National League of Cities…that is apathy…not participating in the Council of Mayors…that is apathy…not completing the questionnaire sent to candidates by the Chamber of Commerce (the only city candidate that didn't - here's mine)…that’s apathy.

I have commitment and energy to give to the role what it deserves. We will be able to attend the National League of Cities conferences as a council united and not have to work around a CPAs schedule…right now we are having to visit DC at a separate time and most council members aren’t even attending the NLC events due to this change. Make no mistake that this is a HUGE MISS for Olathe to shine and to collaborate with other municipalities across the U.S. The Council of Mayors will be a priority for me…it is not for the current mayor. And I will exercise good judgement and surround myself with diversity of thought. Our current mayor has allowed questionable advisors to have his ear and appears to have even made one of them his campaign manager… a man who had his membership of the Tennessee Republican Assembly revoked in 2015 because he didn’t honor his business commitments, and who stepped down from leadership in the KS03 GOP under a cloud of controversy amid complaints that he didn’t pay his bills.

Olathe deserves better, and I offer this better alternative.

I humbly ask for your vote in the general election for mayor of Olathe.


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